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A Changed Market

Account holders are changing. There is an ongoing shift away from traditional brick & mortar banking. Technology is providing better ways for account holders to interact with their money, and with financial institutions.


55+ Prefer Online & Mobile

Personal Financial Management
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Data & Marketing

Imagine data analytics the way you have always dreamed they could be: simple, attractive, intelligent. Imagine easy to consume and insightful data that you can actually do something with.

Now, imagine turning Insight into action by effortlessly creating and sending targeted marketing campaigns to targeted populations. Imagine being able to drive adoption of your most profitable account types with the press of a button.


Word Around Town

When a product has such an impact that it changes the way you feel about something - people are going to talk about it.

  • "MoneyDesktop was selected Best of Show because of its application of technology to revolutionize online banking and offer a real solution that can positively impact the top-line of credit unions of all sizes. MoneyDesktops PFM demonstrates the future of online/mobile banking."

    Jeff Johnson - Senior Vice President of Baxter Credit Union

  • “Great Demo + Awesome UI. Crazy Elegant Design”

    Billy Robins - Vice President Personal Financial Management, Product Management at Wells Fargo

  • "I am convinced that MoneyDesktop is the best product on the market right now for personal finance management... it's elegant, easy to use, and even fun! Looking forward to keeping an eye on this company... "

    Jake Bland - AVP Youth For Christ

  • "We LOVE our new personal financial management tool. We know you will love it too!"

    Wilson Bank & Trust

  • "You guys are so good, it’s scary! Our members are so lucky!"

    My Community Federal Credit Union

  • "Our due diligence process was thorough and gave us visibility to all the players in the PFM space. Ultimately, MoneyDesktop was the clear choice and the best solution to increase member loyalty and help them achieve their financial goals."

    Maurice Smith - CEO of Local Government Federal Credit Union

  • "MoneyDesktop definitely has the best UI I've seen in this space, across all modalities (desktop, mobile, tablet), and has already become one of the dominant players in the industry. Can't wait to see what peak they will conquer next!"

    Bryce Latimer

Industry Leading Partners

To be the best - you have to work with the best. In two years - MoneyDesktop has partnered with more than 400 financial institutions and 27 online banking, core, and payment network providers. VISA, First Data, MACU, Washington Federal and LGFCU are just a few that see how they fit with MoneyDesktop.

MoneyDesktop Client Services

We know you are busy solving problems. Our client services team is that additional resource you wish you had. In short, we can make your wildest dreams come true. From product trainings to custom marketing campaigns & so much more, we won't leave you hanging.

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