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Coming Soon from MoneyDesktop - INSIGHT brings data & design together to create inspiration.

How well do you know your account holders?

How well do you know your account holders?

Get Inspired

Standing on the shoulders of MoneyDesktop's award-winning PFM, INSIGHT leverages aggregated user data to give you access, like never before, to powerful analytics and insights on your users' accounts - even those accounts that are held outside your institution.

INSIGHT's intuitive and elegant UI allows you to turn your previously locked-up and untapped data into highly valuable reports that you can actually understand and do something with.

"It's about providing smart data, intelligent data to the end user, and MoneyDesktop is there."

- Jim Simpson / SVP, CTO at City Bank

Segment Your User Base

Apply multiple filters to populations. Define each population by any metric in the app including Account Type, Interest Rate, Date and Demographics - just to name a few.


See your data like never before! Insight's rich data visualizations allow you to quickly browse your data and identify patterns and behaviors that help define your target segments.


Insight makes it easy to sort and refine data sets using quick and easy gestures. Want to remove outliers that always skew your reports, one swipe they're gone.


Turn BIG DATA into easy-to-consume insights that help you determine what to market and who to market to. Slice and dice your data any way you like to create custom segments that meet your specific criteria.

No need for expensive BI or IT

With Insight's intuitive UI and elegant data visualizations, there is no need for labor intensive data extraction and analytics. Insight does all the heavy lifting and presents consumable information that inspires action.

See It In Action

Insight meets Target.

Once you know what to market and who to market to, the only thing left is the how. Target turns Insight into action by enabling you to effortlessly create and send targeted marketing campaigns to your targeted segments.

"You need more tools to be able to find ways to use what you already have - your BIG DATA - and move it towards actually doing something with it."

- Jim Marous / Author at Bank Marketing Strategy

Together, Insight and Target provide financial institutions a groundbreaking new way to market and drive adoption of your most valuable account types.