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So many financial goals - Some BIG - some small... and they just keep on appearing. It’s hard to keep up - let alone keep track... where do you even start? Without a path to walk down, your financial goals can quickly become fading aspirations, or worse yet, forgotten dreams.

That’s why MoneyDesktop re-imagined goals, and created a better way to visualize, interact with and actually achieve them.

Another innovative solution to offer your account holders, from the company that is changing the way people feel about financial management.

Spending Over Time

This new feature allows you to see your spending by category, graphed out over time.

What + When = How

  • See what you are spending your money on
  • See when you are spending it
  • See how you spend by identifying trends

Plus... compare your historical spending with your income and drill down to sub-categories to get more detailed info.

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Check Images Available

Need to remember what you wrote that check for? Now your check images are accessible in the transaction detail view for your viewing pleasure.

Offer account holders peace of mind knowing that no matter how they spend, MoneyDesktop is there to give them a complete picture.

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Real Time Data

You asked for it - and we delivered! Now account holders can manage their money in real-time. Has a nice ring to it . . . right?

  • Real-Time updates to Accounts and Transactions in MoneyDesktop 4.0 and MoneyMobile
  • Push data in real time to MoneyDesktop
  • Data is immediately available across the entire MoneyDesktop platform

Use MDX Real Time in conjunction with any other MDX API to assist in the management and processing of data.

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Clean Up Your Transactions

Nothing is worse than having to sort through a long string of clutter to identify a transaction. Give your account holders a better experience by cleaning up your act.

Send us your transactions and we will make them sparkle.


Clean up unnecessary data that is passed along with transaction descriptions.

("6529CostcoWHSE#9076" is changed to "Costco")


Add a category to each transaction so they are easy to track.

(Groceries, Gas, Fast Food, Shopping, etc.)


Give each transaction a classification based on description, frequency, and type.

(Paychecks, Reoccurring Bills, One-Time Expense, etc.)

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